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Patreon members subscribe monthly to help upkeep the server. Most of the cash earned from patreon goes directly into the upkeep cost! Since we can rely on our monthly donations it definitely helps Iron Towns!

Each tier has different rewards, and gold tier and above have /town flight - fly within town borders!

These are our one time donations. Most of the cash earned from our donation store is put towards development of plugins and the emergency fund! Go and check it out!

Each reward gives something unique. You can get flight time, extra homes, and more! We are always open to new donation/perk ideas!

About Our Donation/Patreon Stores:

What is a Patreon/Donation?

Welcome to Iron Towns! Sheep and I are the proud owners! We- along with the other staff of this server- strive to make your experience as the player the best it can be! We do this by listening to the players and adding cool and unique features to set us apart as a server. A Minecraft server is more than just a group of players- it is a community of friends. Below we provide links to our Patreon and Store! Patreons are monthly donations to the server, their perks vary from the regular donators. Once they stop donating, their rank will be removed, but their contribution won't be. Regular donators purchase single use perks that can be continously bought. By donating to the server via either method, you are directly supporting the ability for our server to grow!

Where does my money go?

Your donations will be put towards the cost to host this website, our domain, or the monthly cost to upkeep the server! Extra funds are not pocketed, some portions of the donation are put into a fund for emergencies, while the rest goes towards developing plugins and helping the server grow! Our donators help us to save for plugin development, hardware upgrades, and more!

Every little bit helps

If you feel we do a good job, please consider donating! Big or small, subscription or one time payment, - any little bit helps! To help encourage donation we do offer perks for donators, which should be found under each respective site (as all perks per purchase/pledge level are different!) We are against pay to win methods, so we refrain from making the perks totally unfair to normal players! Usually, we offer single use perks as rewards for community events!

NOTE: Make sure to read the terms of service. All sales are final, and refunds will not be accepted. You also agree that you are over 18 or have guardian permission when purchasing from either store!