Iron Towns History

Server Opening Day!

The past

Iron Towns started development in October 2019. Our first players joined in November 2019. Starting with a humble spawn, we first started with help of Kellwind, a good friend, who helped keep us financially supported! As Iron Towns grew, we expanded into other additions to our survival experience. In early April 2020 ThEO was approached by Palmtreefever about developement on servers and expressed interest in working on developing plugins for Iron Towns!

Where we are today

Present day we work hard on bringing a bright future to Iron Towns. We listen to our community and are making additions every day! We are working on a mob arena, a custom towns plugin, and quests as of right now!

Our plans for the future

Iron Towns is ever changing. As our community grows, we learn and optimize the player experience for all. Without the help of our donators, patreons, and our lovely members, we would not be able to bring such a fun and engaging experience to our server! Take a look at our plans for the future, and consider helping us reach this journey!

Our Future Features (at a glance):

  • Discord features for donators

  • Iron Towns merchandise

  • Further expansion of our custom towns plugin (not currently implemented)

  • The addition of Guilds: a unique rankup experience! Implemented!

  • Pixel art plugins Implemented!

  • Even more server events!

  • Additional custom items, features