Iron Towns

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Our core features

A Custom Experience

In our server we have custom features to help give Iron Towns that extra shine.

Exciting Community

With our laid back and friendly community, you will always feel right at home! We host events, game nights, and have lively voice channels to complement our active minecraft server!

Future Plans and Goals

Unlike most servers, Iron Towns knows its direction as a server. We never tire from our own server, because we have fun! Our future is bright with ideas on how to enhance our experience. This is all possible due to our supportive donators and patreons!

Experienced Staff

With staff who have experience with moderating servers prior to Iron Towns, you won't ever have to fear if you ever had a problem! Fast, responsive, and friendly staff are ready to help!

Player Reviews

Dont take our word for it, read what some of the players say!

- Fisherman2711

"Server is great, easy to use. Staff is great and easy to talk to"

- Jettman2007

"Iron Towns had the nicest staff of most severs I play on. The spawn and the areas that they have created are amazing"


"It’s awesome. I like the players and how nice they are. Ever since I joined I have been treated with respect and kindness, and I’m doing my best to follow that example. Iron Towns has a great community"

Recent Updates

Iron Towns- 2020 and Beyond

Guilds is currently being developed, and it does not have a decided deadline. I believe it is best to add guilds to our 1.17 bucket list, so that we can focus on making it a wonderful experience for all! For 1.17 we also have a server computer in mind to replace our current monthly bill! It will be pricey, but worth it in the long run!

December 11th, 2020 - By The Enlightened One


Features are acomin'

We are looking to roll out a ton of extra features and game modes for Towns. As stated below, we had trouble getting our plugin updated. We have creative plots, mob arena, and more coming!

October 6th, 2020 - By The Enlightened One


1.16... Finally!

We had lost our developer for Towns. This gave us a lot trouble for updating. Finally we are at a point to update! I am happy to say that we are now updated to 1.16.3! We are still looking for developers to make Guilds a reality and to update Towns in the future!

October 6th, 2020 - By The Enlightened One


Contact The Enlightened One or Sheep's Lettuce on discord to get more information about Iron Towns!