To help keep the fun and sense of community, we have several rules in place! By playing on Iron Towns, or conversing in our discord you agree to these rules! If the rules are broken, the staff will handle each situation by a case by case basis. Have fun!

General Rules:

Use Common Sense: Do I really need to elaborate?

Even if the rule is not explicitly stated- it may fall under common sense!

Don't Be Toxic:

Being disrespectful and not following the rules

Annoying players and becoming the nuisance of the server

Saying racial or sexual slurs

Being a smart-aleck will not be tolerated

No Advertising:

Do not post links about other servers, especially in DMs.

If you would like to partner with our server, contact one of our staff!

No NSFW or Pornography:

There are other servers for porn, ERPing, extreme gore, and fetishes, but this server is SFW only

Controversial Subjects:

Keep all controversial topics out (Examples: religion, politics, social issues, drug use etc)

PLEASE NOTE: discussions of bodily harm or suicidal tendencies is not allowed, we highly encourage you to seek professional help

Terms and Service (Discord Exclusive):

Like all servers you must follow Discord's own rules, regulations, and guidelines for the platform itself:

You must be 13+ to be on our discord.

Minecraft Exclusives:

Harming/stealing someone's property is not allowed (if a chest does not say you can take stuff out of it do not take stuff from it!)

No killing other players/their animals

Simply put, the above means No PVP, No Griefing, No Raiding!

AFK farms (as well loading too many chunks) could lag the server so they are not allowed.

This means no automatic mob farms, crop farms, zero tick, fish farms, etc.

Cheating is forbidden

Do not use glitches found, report them immediately

Report any suspicious activity; no alts

All rules under the general rule category also apply to the minecraft server!

Don't horde all of the treasure hunts for yourself, others want to explore as well

Please build at least 500 blocks away from spawn! We plan to expand further out

Above All:

Treat others with respect:

"Treat others how you would wish to be treated"

The golden rule is important for making friends and having fun, so its no surprise it is very important on Iron Towns!

Staff Have Final Say:

Staff have every right to step in if deemed necessary. Do not argue or complain about their decision if told to stop something