The most important command of them all! :)

/rules Get a list of all the server rules.


Setting Homes:

  • /help Lists the commands you may use and what they do!

  • /sethome <name> Sets a home with the name <name>.

  • /home <name> Teleport to your home named <name>. You can only set one home until you are a Rookie

  • /delhome <name> Deletes the home named <name>.

Serverwide Teleportation:

  • /spawn Teleport to Spawn. (Recommended only after you set a home so you can teleport back to your home).

  • /warps Lists the warps you can travel to!

  • /warp <name> Teleports you to the warp you specified.

Player Teleportation:

  • /tpa <player> Requests to teleport to a specific player.

  • /tpaccept Accepts the /tpa request when someone wants to teleport to you.

  • /tpdeny Denies the /tpa request.

Balance and Money:

  • /balance or /bal Check your currency balance $.

  • /balancetop or /baltop Check the leaderboard for whoever has the most $.

  • /pay <amount> <player> Sends x amount of $ to specified player.

Other Commands:

  • /msg <player> <message> Sends a whisper (a message that only the player that was specified can see) to the specified player.

  • /r Replies to the most recent /msg

  • /motd Displays the message of the day.