About Jobs:

Through jobs, you will be able to earn $$ and exp for that specific job! The currency can be used for multiple things such as starting a town, bartering or trading with players, leveling up, or buying items from shops!


Here are the useful commands you'll need to know for our jobs plugin:

  • /jobs browse - browse through the list of different jobs. Here you can either left click the job for more information, or right click to join the job.

  • /jobs join <job> - Joins the job specified.

  • /jobs leave <job> - Quits your current job. This also resets that jobs level.

Want to see how you stack up against other players with jobs?

  • /jobs top <job> - Views the top players for a specific job.

*Easter egg: Jobs will be replaced in the future with a custom plugin called "Guilds"!