Ranking Up


About Our Ranks:

On our minecraft server we have a rank up system which allows you to rank up after a certain set of requirements per rank is filled! Currently our ranks are: New, Rookie, Noob, Member, Expert, and Veteran

To rankup while in game, or to view the requirements for the rank you are working towards do /rankup

Rank Requirements:

New: (Default Rank)

Rookie: (Must play a total of 1 hour ingame).

Noob: (Must play a total of 4 hours ingame and have $1,500).

Member: (Must play a total of 24 hours (1 day) and have $5,000).

Expert: (Must play a total of 48 hours (2 days), have crafted an enchanting table, and have $10,000).

Veteran: (Must play a total of 96 hours (4 days), have crafted a beacon, and have $15,000).

  • Note: The cash required per each rank will be taken from your account, the beacon and enchanting table will not. You must craft the beacon and enchanting table yourself.

  • Also Note: Ranks may be adjusted or added if felt it would benefit the server. You will keep the rank you are currently standing at.


Default Commands (Rank New)

  • You have access to our town plugin commands. Visit Town Commands for more info.

  • You can set one home.

  • You can do /afk

  • You can check your balance with /bal and pay players with /pay

  • You can send players mail /mail and you can send private messages with /msg

  • You have access to general warps /warp

  • You can have one job /jobs browse

  • You can make up to 20 quickshops

  • You can teleport to a random location in the wild /wild. You also can click the sign at spawn!


  • You have access to the mypet quests

  • You can set two homes.


  • You can set three homes

  • You can use /compass


  • You can set four homes!

  • You can have two jobs.

  • You can keep inventory on death.

  • You can create a party with mcmmo!


  • You can use /back (even after death!)

  • You can set six homes!

  • You can make up to 35 quickshops


  • You can set fifteen homes!

  • You can spawn in your skull /skull

  • You can have three jobs!

  • You can make up to 45 quickshops