TOWNY - a unique experience!

About our plugin:

Towns is the jewel of Iron Towns. It is a survival experience that shares some features with plugins that may be familiar. In the future we wish to go in a direction that best suits our server, and with our very own custom plugins it will do exactly that.

We have big plans to set Towns apart from similar town plugins! Town net-worth is just the tip of the iceberg of how great our plugin will be! Great features and updates to this plugin are achievable by our donators/patreons!


General Commands:

  • /town help - Displays the help command

  • /town info <town> - View a town's info

  • /town list - Lists the towns on the server

Town Commands:

  • /town established <town> - Creates a town, must have $1000 to start a town.

  • /town disband <town> - Disbands a town

  • /town promote <player> - Promotes a player to Co-Mayor (NOTE: this should only be for those you trust!)

  • /town demote <player> - Removes a player from Co-Mayor

Inviting Players:

  • /town invite <player> Invites a player to your town

  • /town join <town> - Joins a town by accepting an invite

  • /town kick <player> - Kicks a player from your town

  • /town leave - Leaves your current town

Town Claiming:

  • /town claim - Claims the chunk you are standing in

  • /town unclaim - Unclaims the chunk you are standing in

Town Bank Commands:

  • /town deposit <amount> - Deposits <amount> into the town bank

  • /town withdraw <amount> - Only available to Mayors - withdraws <amount> from the bank

  • /town taxrate <percent> - Sets the taxrate (in percent)

Town Plot Commands:

  • /town sell <amount> - Sells the plot you are standing in for <amount>

  • /town buy - Buys the plot you are standing in

Restricting Access:

  • /town restrict - Restricts the plots access to Mayors and Co-Mayors

  • /town public - Makes the plot public again (default)

Interacting With Other Towns:

  • /town enemy <town> - Makes another town an enemy (Server rules still apply!)

  • /town ally <town> - Makes another town an ally

  • /town neutral <town> - Makes another town neutral


  • /town motto - Sets your town motto - (must be more than one word long)

  • /town map - Views the surrounding chunks status